Caught On Camera: Edmond Police Arrest Fugitive Found Hiding Under Child's Bed

Monday, August 30th 2021, 9:27 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

A fugitive wanted on multiple warrants was found hiding under a child's bed.

Police traced him to an Edmond home where he and his ex-girlfriend were arrested.

According to police, Joevanie Reyes-Jimenez held a man at gunpoint back in July in Oklahoma City and robbed him. He was wanted on a $100,000 bond.

Police: "Get your [expletive] out of there now! or I’m going to put a bullet in you!"

Police: "Come out! however you got in there get your butt out."

Edmond police said despite his ex-girlfriend’s claims that he had slipped out the back door, Reyes-Jimenez was found hiding under a mattress.

Police: "You're going to go to jail, too, for harboring."

Reyes-Jimenez: "What did I do?!"

Police: "You're under arrest."

Police: "Got warrants out for you."

Reports showed police checked under the bed after they noticed a 12-year-old girl "acting nervous."

Her mother, Mary Flannery, allegedly denied knowing her ex was inside her home.

Flannery: "I didn't do anything! I don't know he was in there!"

Police: "Baloney, don't lie!"

Flannery: "I didn't know he was in there!"

Police: "We're not dumb. We're not dumb."

As they were both escorted out of the home in handcuffs, police were heard on video telling Flannery the sort of danger her daughter had been exposed to.

Police: "Mother of the year. Hiding a felon in your daughter's room."

Flannery: "I didn't!"

Police: "You kidding me?"

Police: "You're going to county."

Reyes-Jimenez is also wanted on several warrants in Cleveland and McClain counties.