‘Hope Is Alive’ Hosting Race To Celebrate Sobriety & Remember Those Lost To Addiction

Friday, August 27th 2021, 6:04 am
By: Jordan Dafnis


Non-profit “Hope is Alive” is hosting a race called the “Sobriety Sprint” to celebrate those who are now sober and honor those who lost their lives to addiction. 

"I really thought I was going to be one of those kids that just overdosed, that my family would be one of those families that lost a child to drug addiction," said Heidi McWilliams, who battled addiction for 15 years. 

McWilliams was able to find help through the non-profit. Now she is part of the mentoring program at Hope is Alive. 

Hope is Alive uses a three-phase program over six months, designed to help addicts grow the skills and find the support they need to step away from their addiction. 

"I constantly have women around me, supporting me, encouraging me, I have leaders that teach me how to do my finances, I have a savings account, I know how to buy my first home," says McWilliams 

She wants other people who may be facing similar struggles or know people facing addiction, they are not alone. 

"Nobody wants to feel alone but we all just want a little bit of hope, and I found my hope at hope is alive and recovery is possible, and you can heal from the inside out and your family can heal too.” 

McWilliams said breaking her addiction didn’t only free her from the harmful cycle, but her family as well. 

"They say everything about me is different. They can rely on me; I show up to family events. I even have 11 nieces and nephews and when I was in my addiction, I didn't remember their names." 

This is the Fifth Annual Sobriety Sprint. The race is held in honor of Zach Arismendez who died in 2017.  

The group invites anyone who has conquered their addiction or has lost a family member or friend to the disease to come and honor them. 

All of the proceeds go to the Hope is Alive Scholarship Fund. 

For more information about the non-profit, click here

To get involved in the run, follow this link