Police Release Video Of Massive Street Racing Bust In SW OKC

Thursday, August 26th 2021, 7:24 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Oklahoma City police released officer’s body camera video and Air1 footage Thursday of a mass street racing bust from the past weekend.

The police helicopter captured video of dozens of cars gathered Sunday in a parking lot near Interstate 240 and South Pennsylvania Avenue. 

A police task force kept tabs on the street racing rally on the ground and from the air. The undercover operation led to at least 70 arrests. 

It started when night fell on the city. Large crowds have turned metro interstates, intersections and parking lots into playgrounds to practice donuts and burnouts.

“That’s Hobby Lobby parking lot, it is posted no trespassing. We’ve got 80 plus cars filing in,” OCPD’s Air1 pilot said.

Police said around 100 cars took over a shopping center parking lot. While Air1 watched overhead, undercover officers kept an eye on the ground. They waited for the perfect time to direct patrol officers to move in on the crowd.

“We’re moving in now,” an officer said.

Police had to move fast as drivers tried to leave the area.

“Hey, they’re going north. They’re all going north taking the back exit,” the Air1 pilot said.

“We’ve got a lot parking at the Olive Garden trying to act like they’re customers,” an officer said.  

One by one, officers stopped drivers. Even passengers were placed in handcuffs and transported to the Oklahoma County Detention Center on trespassing complaints.

Some drivers were booked for violent offenses.

“Be advised,” an officer said. “One of the undercovers was hit by a bottle from the guy in the Camaro. If you guys can wrap him up.”

The drivers who got away moved to the northwest side of the city, but police were right behind and over them.

“They’re probably about to do donuts in this intersection,” the Air1 pilot said. “Everybody’s out of their cars and they’ve got everything at a standstill.”

Officers are asking the public to help street racing by calling 911 if they see it in their communities.