Mustang Community Rallies Behind 7-Year-Old Boy With MRSA

Tuesday, August 24th 2021, 7:01 pm
By: Mike Glover

MUSTANG, Oklahoma -

What started as hip pain for 7-year-old Carson would eventually be confirmed as MRSA, a bacterial infection in the blood. Carson was admitted to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital on July 26 into the intensive care unit. 

“Within a few hours he had a fever of 99 degrees and within 15 minutes of that he had a 103.3 fever,” said Jessica Greene, Carson’s mother. 

For the next few days Carson’s condition would be better and then worse. At times the family worried. 

“I went to feel him to see if he had a fever while he was sleeping, and he woke up he was confused, and he didn’t recognize me. He was in septic shock and his fever was 104.4. They had to come in with ice packs and rush him to the PICU,” said Jessica. 

For weeks, Carson would battle his illness in the hospital. Now home, the fight continues. 

He still has a PICC line for medicine that prohibits him from going to school. 

And he has to be seen by a specialist at the children’s hospital in Dallas. 

The Mustang community has rallied around the family. Carson got a huge surprise when the high school basketball team showed up at his front door. 

“We wanted to do something for him and show him that we cared about him and that we loved him. So, we went out and played some basketball with him and took him some gifts,” said Scott Hodges, Mustang High School boys’ basketball coach. 

The team remembered the twins from their summer camps. When they heard the news, they rallied to go see him. 

“When they came the boys just lit up,” said Jessica. 

A community coming together as a family.

“It hasn’t just been the basketball team, it’s been all of our neighbors, people from work, just everyone coming together for us,” said Scott Greene, Carson’s father.

Family and friends have set up a GoFundMe account to help with expenses.