OKC Police & Energy FC Surprise Boy After Responding To Nuisance Call

Thursday, August 19th 2021, 9:44 pm
By: Feliz Romero

A nuisance call turned into a surprise for a young boy Thursday evening.

Iker Navarez plays soccer almost every night with his dad. His mother, Sandra Navarez, said they never expected for his love of the game to prompt a visit from police.

"Since he was little probably like two or three, he started kicking the ball. He has always played indoor but really soccer is just his life," she said.

Iker plays so much a neighbor called police after his ball went into their yard.

"I was playing soccer with my dad and the ball went over the goalie net," he said

"Somebody that is this active and wanting to play that is going to happen, so we understand. We wanted to see if we could stop some of them and we couldn't because he was too good," said Devon Watral, an officer with OCPD.

A month later officers returned with Energy FC players, dropping off presents, including season tickets.

"Over a fence, under a car, into different things, we've all been there!" said Adeseyi Adekoya, a player with Energy FC.

His mother said he was so excited when he heard they were coming.

"He was so excited; this is insane. This is good but we weren't expecting it at all!” said Sandra.

"It's good to see that soccer is engrained in the community here and we just wanted to help him out with season tickets and a lot of merchandise," said Tucker Stephenson another Energy FC player.

Iker's mom said he was afraid during the initial interaction with police and Thursday's experience bridged the gap.