Green Country Service Companies Stretched Thin Fixing AC Issues In Heat Wave

Wednesday, July 28th 2021, 9:37 pm
By: Chinh Doan

TULSA, Oklahoma -

With the "feels like" temperatures above 110 degrees around Green Country for the fourth consecutive day, some air conditioners are breaking down because they are working so hard.

Because so many people are dealing with their AC going out, repair companies are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Some service companies told News On 6 they are getting double the number of calls for repairs. To make things worse, in some cases, the parts needed to get the AC running again are out of stock because of supply chain issues.

When air conditioners work too hard, the pros who are called to fix them work even harder.

Austin Smith with "A Best Air and Heat" said he is doubling up on the number of stops for AC repairs.

"Now, we're pushing nine to 10 calls a day,” explained Smith. “Start earlier, we try to finish later. We want to get everybody cooling the same day that they call us."

News On 6 went with Smith to a service call at a home in Jenks. The problem was in the attic.

"In this attic, it's probably 135 degrees,” said Smith. “This is the hottest part of the day."

Homeowner Blake Fite said he understands. The AC stopped working Tuesday night for the Fite family.

"The outside air was blowing, but the inside stopped cooling, and so the temperature stayed about 76 and then it got up to 79 this morning," said Fite.

Fite also said he is grateful to get it fixed today since there are others who must wait several days for certain parts.

"It's mainly equipment, but yeah, some parts they either don't make it no more, or it is back ordered," explained Smith.

Smith also said he is staying extra hydrated since he will be working overtime all week.

"When I get hot like this, I'll be up here for probably five, 10 minutes, go down there, and I'll just turn the car on with AC and cool down a little bit," explained Smith.

Experts said replacing air filters, keeping the AC unit clean and getting a tune-up each year before the hot season will decrease the chances of the AC going out.