Multi-State Manhunt Continues For Suspect Accused Of Shooting Woman & 2 Good Samaritans

Wednesday, July 21st 2021, 9:20 pm
By: Barry Mangold

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday it has found more evidence connecting Lee King to a double shooting in Sequoyah County, and a carjacking in Oklahoma City. 

OSBI Spokesperson Brook Arbeitman said the agency found a latent fingerprint from King inside a stolen car that was abandoned in Pushmataha County. 

“That is the same vehicle that was involved in a carjacking in Oklahoma City Saturday morning,” Arbeitman said. “And it’s the same vehicle that was linked to the double shooting in Sequoyah County.” 

King is suspected in a carjacking in Oklahoma City Saturday morning that left one woman with a gunshot wound in her leg, according to an Oklahoma County arrest warrant issued Tuesday. 

Later that night, deputies in Sequoyah County responded to a double shooting on I-40 near Vian.

Deputies found Derek Riggs, 39, and Jake Myers, 32 in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the torso and face, respectively. 

Both are expected to survive and were still in the hospital Wednesday.

Gaye Haddick, Riggs’ mother, remembers the horrifying phone call she received that night. 

“It’s the kind of call that stops your heart,” she said.

The woman who called her, “put the phone by (Riggs), "and with all the air that he had left in his body, he said, ‘Mom, we’ve been shot,’” his mother said.  

Before the shooting, Riggs and Myers drove King to a gas station after his car ran out of fuel, according to the OSBI. The agency said they did not know King previously and wanted to help as Good Samaritans. 

For Riggs, a former Van Buren, Arkansas police officer, helping was second nature, said an old coworker of his. 

“Derek is a very good man, he cares about people,” Van Buren Police Sgt. Jonathan Wear said. “You think about all the people that just keep on driving by when they see someone on the side of the road. (Riggs) actually stopped and helped the guy out.” 

An officer in Antlers, Oklahoma spotted the stolen car on Sunday morning and attempted to stop the driver. Arbeitman said the driver, suspected to be King, left the car and ran away on foot into nearby woods. 

On Monday, the OSBI Latent Print Unit found a fingerprint in the stolen car belonging to King, as well as a debit card in his name. King was released from the Garvin County Jail on July 12, a week before the Oklahoma City carjacking, according to an arrest warrant. 

King is 27 years old. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt. He has several neck tattoos, including one with the shape of Louisiana with the letters “LA” in the center, according to photos provided by the OSBI. 

Tips can be submitted by calling (800) 522-8017 or emailing

Arbeitman said King is considered armed and dangerous, so anyone who recognizes him should not approach. 

King is believed to have connections in the areas of Shreveport, Louisiana and Houston, Texas. 

“We’ll work with our partners, whatever state it’s in, whatever jurisdiction it’s in, to get him off the streets,” Arbeitman said. 

Family members have started an online fundraiser for Riggs and Myers.