Court Filings: Homeowners Knew About Alcohol At Party Where Deer Creek Teen Drowned

Wednesday, July 21st 2021, 6:42 pm

DEER CREEK, Oklahoma -

More newly obtained search warrants reveal details about the home where Deer Creek teen Toyin Amuda drowned.

The circumstances of his death have been murky for weeks, but court filings from investigators are clearing things up while presenting even more questions.

A search warrant filed by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office said it's evident the whole truth has not been reported.

Deputies now want to look at the homeowners' security cameras and bank statements.

Previous search warrants said the Medical Examiner’s Office told deputies Toyin Amuda's stomach was enlarged and contained a yellow liquid indicative of alcohol.

Despite conflicting accounts, in the days following the party witnesses told investigators "there was an abundance of alcoholic beverages" near the swimming pool. Deputies were also told there were Jell-O shots and beer at the party when they arrived and some people at the party brought their own.

In the most recent search warrant, a witness told deputies that one of the homeowners was seen in the kitchen while multiple underage kids were drinking just outside.

The same person said alcohol was in plain sight and "there is no way" at least one of the parents "would not know there was alcohol being consumed by the partygoers."

The search warrant was filed to look at the homeowner's bank statements and security cameras.

The homeowners told deputies on scene their "DVR(s)" didn't work, but with the warrant deputies were able to take the system.

"This is every parent's worst nightmare both the parents that lost the child and the parents that hosted the party," said local attorney Irven Box.

Box is not a part of the case but said parents in other situations have faced serious legal repercussions.

"Any party that provides alcohol to underage persons hosting an event at their place is going to be liable in some way civilly and maybe criminally for anything that occurs to the students or persons that attend that social gathering," said Box.

Investigators have not determined yet where the alcohol came from.

No charges have been filed against the homeowners, so News 9 is not naming them.

We have attempted to reach out to the family.