Search Warrants Reveal New Details In Drowning Of Deer Creek Teen

Tuesday, July 20th 2021, 5:17 pm


Search warrants revealed new details into the death of Deer Creek teenager Toyin Amuda.

The nearly two dozen pages provide more information into the party where the 18-year-old drowned.

The probable cause affidavits note that in the days following the drowning, deputies heard conflicting accounts about the party.

They filed search warrants to look through Amuda's phone and car.

"If anybody has any information, just come out and tell the truth," said Toyin's father Adeleke Amuda, "What really happened."

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That was the desperate plea for answers from Amuda's family earlier in July.

They described the teen as loving, passionate and gentle. But Toyin's life was cut short at a party at a Deer Creek home.

Until now the only peek into what happened was a 911 call from the home.

These new documents state Amuda was found at the bottom of the pool after the pool lights had been off for about an hour and a half.

It said the around 25 people at the party were all underage, except for three adults over the age of 21 who were present.

Witnesses described the consumption of alcohol and marijuana by party goers including Amuda.

They also said Jell-O shots and beer were already at the party when they arrived, and some people brought their own.

The Medical Examiner told deputies Toyin's stomach was enlarged and contained liquid indicative of alcohol.

It's noted in the documents that since Toyin did not know how to swim, " is probable in an intoxicated state he decided to enter the swimming pool or fell in..."

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Deputies wanted to search Amuda's car, as they try to piece together where the alcohol and narcotics came from. The documents note they are also investigating whether or not the adults knew what was happening.

No evidence was recovered from Amuda's car.

Witnesses said he may have left the party at some point.

Deputies wanted to search the teen's phone to help with the investigation.

The family's attorney at first agreed to turn it over, but then either family or their attorney decided against it.

Ultimately the phone was searched and things like text and social media messages were recovered.

An attorney for the Amuda family said they had no comment.

We did try to ask the sheriff's office questions, but they would only say they are investigating.