Suspect With Gun Allegedly Assaults Woman Walking Along The Oklahoma River Trails, Police Say

Tuesday, July 20th 2021, 10:41 pm


Oklahoma City police said a woman's routine riverside walk was interrupted when a man pointed a gun at her then forced her to kiss him.

The woman told police the attack happened while she walked the Oklahoma River Trails in the middle of the afternoon. 

She also told police she saw her alleged attacker again when he walked into her work.

"The suspect brandished a pistol and told the victim, 'give me all you have' then racked the pistol slide back," the responding officer noted in the police report. 

The woman told police that happened around 1 p.m. last month on a walk she took frequently. 

The police report said she handed over her phone and tried to talk the suspect down.

"The victim actually tried to reason with this individual. She actually began comforting him." Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Dillon Quirk said. "At some point just told him that she perceived him to be too young to be robbing her, saying I have kids your age, you need to go home."

Instead, the woman told investigators the suspect stayed, and things escalated. 

The alleged attacker then pointed the gun at her, demanding she kiss him. The police report said she was afraid for her life, so she did it.

He then told her he wanted to go to her truck so he could rape her. According to the police report, she told him to shoot her instead. That's when investigators said he rode away on a BMX style bike. 

Quirk said to anyone who finds themself in a similar situation, don't try to reason with the attacker.

"If you encounter anyone and you think that it might be going in a negative manner just do your best to get out of that situation,” he said.

The police report showed some of the encounter and alleged attack was caught on nearby security cameras.

The woman saw the suspect again about 2 weeks later, when he walked into OKCPS to enroll in school. She immediately called police. 

In the report investigators said they used that information to find the suspect's name. The report also showed the suspect just got out of prison after pleading guilty for non-related crimes.

OCPD said there is no arrest warrant yet, but they would still like to speak to the person of interest.