Del City Teen Opens Lemonade Stand To Help Support Grandmother Battling Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Tuesday, July 13th 2021, 7:01 pm
By: Mike Glover

DEL CITY, Oklahoma -

Buddy found out on his birthday, February 27, 2020, that his grandmother had stage four breast cancer. But he didn’t let that get him down he fought back with his lemonade stand. 

Buddy’s lemonade stand is on the corner of Mickey Road and Southeast 22nd Street in Del City. They’ve been open for about two months.

The idea for the stand came last year after his grandmother in Texas called with the news of her cancer diagnosis. 

“Buddy didn’t want grandma to be hurt, because she felt bad that she had to do it on that day,” Andee Guerra, Buddy’s mother said. 

So, Buddy had an idea.

“And we had a bunch of wood in the back, so we just thought maybe we could make a lemonade stand for her about that,” Buddy said. 

Andee went to the city for a permit for the stand and explained that every dime they received would go to help her mother. The city gave their blessing and said the permit would not be necessary. 

But not everyone was in favor of the lemonade stand.

“Well, I guess there was one too many complaints. And somebody complained that they were going to shut us down one way or another,” Andee said. “Well, the city did not like that, and Del City actually got together, and code enforcement came and gave us a permit.”

The mayor of Del City has given his full support for the stand. All the support has completely overwhelmed the family.

“The city they are amazing. They did it themselves and I cried like a baby,” Andee said.

Buddy’s grandfather is not working right now in order to take care of his wife, so all the money from the stand goes directly to help Buddy’s grandmother. 

The lemonade stand that started with just lemonade, now has variety of flavors, all made with fresh fruit and made when you order it. They also sell snacks, likes chips and popcorn as well as candy and other items. 

The lemonade stand that started just on weekends, is now open five days a week. They are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

You can connect with the family on their Facebook page, Buddy’s Lemonade. 

Buddy’s grandmother is doing a lot better, and the family isn’t sure how long they will keep the stand open.