Emotional Testimony Continues In Trial Against Max Townsend

Thursday, June 17th 2021, 6:20 pm


New video showing the deaths of three Moore High School students left a Cleveland County courtroom in tears.

It was an emotional day of testimony in the trial against Max Townsend. He's on trial facing 10 felony charges including three second-degree murder charges.

After the mothers of the three students who died, Rachel Freeman, Yuridia Martinez and Kolby Crum, took the stand Wednesday, where they shared what they remember from February 3rd and the days to follow, they all sat together in court again Thursday. 

While Wednesday's testimony was their stories, Thursday focused on the perspective of a security camera that captured the ordeal.

Jurors also saw the aftermath through a Moore police officer’s body camera.

The footage, which prosecutors didn't share with the media, showed mass chaos in the seconds and minutes after the runners were hit.

It also showed the children up close, spread out, lying up and down the street and on the sidewalk after the truck ran through them. 

You can see medics, firefighters and police officers tending to the children then loading them into multiple ambulances. 

The last frame of the footage shows Joseph White, who was Rachel Freeman’s boyfriend, being carted off.

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While testifying in court right White stared down Townsend as he gave his recount of that day and the injuries he sustained and is still dealing with to this day.

Shiloh Hutchinson also testified with several other of her teammates. 

She was another student who was hit and injured after the crash. 

Court picks up again Friday morning.