Nonprofit Works To Make Beds Available For Metro Children

Saturday, June 12th 2021, 7:27 pm


A local organization is working to make sure no kid sleeps on the floor and that every kid has a bed. 

“We're not doing it because of the parents at all,” Sleep in Heavenly Peace co-chapter president Larry Savage said. “It is not the kid’s fault they don't have a bed. Everyone runs through the struggles in life.”  

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to make a difference in a child's life by giving them their own bed.

“They are completely built by everybody,” Sleep in Heavenly Peace co-chapter president Richard Moio said. “Volunteers, and they’re delivered to the household and put together in the home with bedding, mattresses, the whole nine yards.”

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a chapter part of a global nonprofit.

“It's a great feeling knowing that you're helping kids and I’ve always been the type, I love kids,” Moio said. “I've always been the type to give back and I figured why not do it in a better way.”

With the help from local sponsors, they were able to host their first build day Saturday.  

“The lumber prices skyrocketed. Not a lot of people realize, but there was a mattress shortage for a few months,” Savage said. “We couldn't get nowhere. Now, we're starting to get the beds and stuff and things are opening back up. We can open up our application process nationwide and get these beds delivered.”  

Several volunteers pitched in to help build 10 beds for children who were either sleeping on the floor or lacking sufficient space to sleep.  

“You walk into a house, even in some of the higher end neighborhoods, you expect to see beds, but you walk in. I delivered a dresser once and I figured, ‘OK, these kids have a nice house, but there were no beds, no dressers, nothing,” Savage said. “So that one hit hard.”

The local chapter started earlier this year. Right now, they're working to find more sponsors to help with future builds.

The local group hopes to continue this effort for the next couple of months.