Drone Captures Bird's Eye View To See Iceland's Latest Volcano

Wednesday, June 2nd 2021, 12:07 pm
By: CBS News

A drone was able to capture a bird's eye view of Iceland's Fagradalsjfall volcano, but like Icarus, Chicago YouTuber Joey Helms's drone got too close.

"Around a volcano where you have the hot gases emitted that cause turbulences all around it and hot rocks raining on to you, flying these things is even more tricky," he said.

Helms sacrificed his new drone to the lava, but there was a pay-off: watching the raw power of Mother Nature.

Helms said these types of drones which give a first-person view are notorious for crashing, but he said it's just part of the hobby.

The last time the Fagradalsjfall volcano spewed lava was 800 years ago, and not too many people were around to see it. This time, thousands of spectators have witnessed these red-hot rocks. Scientists in Iceland have been tracking what they call a "tourist eruption" for months.

Scientist Sara Barsotti studies the dangers of getting too close.

"We are having an eruption in a place that is easily reachable by people," she said. "So, as long as the eruption will keep at this rate and at this level, this really might be a long-lasting, enjoyable eruption."

Scientists recently discovered unmapped pockets of magma, meaning more tourists could enjoy more eruptions. But take it from Helms; flying too close could cost you.