Chris Kyle 'The American Sniper's' Family Recognizes Tulsa Police, Gives Back To Community

Monday, May 17th 2021, 4:17 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Several former NFL players were in Sapulpa at the Oaks Country Club playing in a charity golf tournament.

The proceeds go to the foundation created in honor of Chris Kyle, best known as the "American Sniper." The American Valor foundation is also recognizing Tulsa police officers for their work.

Chris Kyle's father, Wayne, said nothing was more important to Chris than supporting veterans and first responders; so, his family is carrying on his legacy by doing the same.

If you're an Oklahoma football fan, you'd recognize many of the faces at the golf course.

From Joe Washington to Marcus Dupree--they are all out playing golf, having fun, and supporting first responders as well.

"Just all the people here, it's just always good to give back. And like I said, at the same time we are having a great time,” said former OU Football Player Marcus Dupree.

Chris Kyle's family started the American Valor Foundation after Chris was killed.

Kyle is known to be one of the best snipers to ever live, but after he retired, he started giving back.

"Chris Kyle, our son, Jeff's brother, after he got out, his passion was to give back and help veterans and first responders. That's what he was doing when his life was taken,” said Wayne Kyle.

Kyle's family uses the money they raise to give back to the community and to support veterans and first responders.

Kyle's family recognized three Tulsa police Officers Monday, and donated money to Blue Light Ministries, the Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police and the Tulsa Police Peer to Peer Program.

"We knew that we needed to carry on his legacy because he had such an impact on people and that was his heart: to help and to serve,” said Kyle.

Kyle's family says they've been able to give nearly $4 million since 2014 and don't plan to stop.

"It's rewarding to be able to help other organizations be able to help people. But it is truly heartfelt when we can help individuals,” said Kyle.

“When you get guys together for a cause like this. And having people around that are dedicated to doing things for people--and doing them the right way--you just want to be apart of it,” said Former OU Football Player Joe Washington.