‘Really Creepy’: Local Homeowners Stumped Over Recent Amazon Package Delivered In Garage

Tuesday, May 4th 2021, 10:34 pm

A strange Amazon delivery has an Oklahoma City metro-area family on edge after they say private information was given to an Amazon driver.

Tammy Risher gets Amazon packages all the time, but this time the package was placed at an unexpected location.

Tammy was taking a nap on her couch before work when she heard her garage door open.

“This was pretty creepy, really creepy. It just got in the middle of me and my husband both,” said Risher.

Not expecting anyone, her husband made his way outside to meet up with an unexpected guest.

“He met the Amazon guy at our security pad at the garage door. He was putting in our security code to close the garage door after he left the packages at the garage door,” she said.

Tammy said they never entered in their garage code on Amazon but for some reason, the delivery man was able to show him the code on his tablet.

“The Amazon representative told him they had no record of that security code in our account either, so we are stumped. We would not ever give out that security code,” she said.

Amazon recently launched a new feature called ‘Amazon Key’ that allows delivery drivers to place your package inside your garage.

Tammy says she does have an Amazon Alexa, but she doesn’t remember saying the key out loud for the device to pick up the code.

“It is crucial to pay attention to what information you have provided when you originally set up your apps, your accounts, or that sort of thing,” she said.

News 9 reached out to Amazon about the incident and have not yet heard back.