Del City Mother Accused Of Abandoning Her Children For Weeks Without Food

Monday, May 3rd 2021, 11:03 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

DEL CITY, Oklahoma -

A metro mother is accused of abandoning her two children for weeks, leaving them in a home alone without food.

While one family members said he's shocked by the allegations, those closest to her said they aren't.

According to police, Clarissa Buss took off to Pennsylvania in January. Her kids 11 and 15 haven't seen her since.

“She had been gone for several weeks. The children were left with very little food, what food they had was actually expired,” said Del City Police Major Bradley Rule.

According to court, records after packing up and leaving her children behind, Clarissa Buss communicated with them via Snapchat.

“Asking for her to send something, send food, money, someway for them to get food,” said Rule.

Records show the children lived at a house in Del City and had to "beg" their mother "to send food because they were starving and hadn't eaten in several days."

“She finally placed a Walmart order for them, and they were able to get food,” said Rule.

Another family member notified police. Buss now faces charges for failure to provide for her children.

“She wouldn't do that; she wouldn't literally just leave them at home. She wouldn’t do that as a mother,” said relative Christopher Combs.

Married to Buss's cousin, Combs said he finds the allegations hard to believe.

“It’s mind bowling because I’ve always seen her affectionate, taking care of them, giving them what they need,” said Combs.

But Buss's sister said she's not surprised.

“She's just kind of a crappy person,” said sister Cordelia Buss.

Despite being left to fend for themselves, Buss's sister said the two boys are now in the care of relatives.

“They're doing really good. The older one lives with his brother, the younger one lives with us and he's doing good, good in school and everything,” said Buss.     

Police went to Buss's home; they didn't find any of her belongings and said it appeared she did not plan on returning.