Norman Man Accused Of Placing Camera In Woman’s Bedroom Disguised As Alarm Clock

Tuesday, April 20th 2021, 10:24 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

NORMAN, Okla. -

A Norman man is charged with one count of being a ‘peeping tom.”

Dylan Grant Brown, 26, was charged Monday in Cleveland County District Court.

It was March 17, 2021 when Norman police received a call from a woman who made an interesting discovery. 

“A young lady called us advising that she had found what she believed to be a recording device inside her apartment,” said Lt. Justin Wishon of the Norman Police Department.

It was a recording device, a camera, disguised as an alarm clock Brown is accused of placing in the victim’s bedroom.

“It was an actual functioning digital alarm clock that held an internal SIM card that had a collection of videos on it once we got ahold of the video and the alarm clock itself,” said Wishon.

Once police got their hands on the device, they said 140 videos were discovered. The camera caught the victim undressing.

One party believed (the suspect) would have access to it via an app on his phone but wasn’t able to get it hooked up,” said Wishon. “So, what we understand is, he didn’t have any actual procession of any videos. All the videos were on the SIM card itself that were still with the recording device.”

Police said in a case like this that warning signs are difficult. Just be aware of who exactly is giving you what.

“The only real warning sign there was after the fact of, ‘hey I need to get that back, I need to get that back,’” said Wishon. “That caused her concern, ‘Okay, why is he so concerned in getting that digital radio or digital clock back?’”

If convicted on the peeping tom charge, Brown faces one year behind bars, a $5,000 fine or both.