California Murder Suspect Arrested In Blanchard, Oklahoma

Monday, April 19th 2021, 10:03 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

BLANCHARD, Oklahoma -

A man wanted for the murder of a California rapper was arrested in Blanchard.

According to court records, Isaiah Reupena remains in the McClain County jail.

Reupena is accused of killing Melota Lasi Jr, aka Cutty Banks, outside of a California mall.

“They allege that he and an accomplice executed a guy named Cutty Banks, a rapper,” said defense attorney Irven Box.

According to the murder complaint, Reupena went to a California mall in hopes of seeking revenge.

"The state's position is that Mr. Reupena, my client, executed Banks for the execution of his brother, and that was the motivation behind it,” said Box.

Thinking fellow rapper Cutty Banks had gunned down his brother, prosecutors alleged Reupena was laser focused on December 19, 2020.

“They claim that their position is is that my client went there deliberately to find him, kill him, to execute him,” said Box.                

Investigators think he did not act alone.

“They are also alleging that he was working with the wife of his brother who had been killed to set up the shooting,” said Box.     

But despite the complaint, Box said Reupena maintains his innocence.

“His stance is he didn’t do it. He wasn’t around, he wasn't there,” Box said. “Right now, there's some reasonable doubt about a lot of things that Mr. Reupena did.”          

Reupena was tracked down earlier this month to a home in Blanchard and arrested.

“He's in custody without bond and waiting the possibility of an extradition to go back to California,” said Box.           

Reupena is also facing charges in Oklahoma for drug and weapon possession.