New Lawsuit Seeks To Halt New Medical Marijuana System

Thursday, April 15th 2021, 7:53 am
By: Tevis Hillis

The State Health Department and the Medical Marijuana Authority are named in the new lawsuit from a law firm in Tulsa to stop the state from implementing the new Metrc system.

The system would track marijuana plants from the beginning to when they are sold from seed to sale.

The state says business owners would not be allowed to sell marijuana to Oklahomans unless tracked by Metrc. But according to the lawsuit, more than 10,000 licensed cannabis businesses are concerned about the monopoly this system would cause.

They say the Metrc program would make more than $12 million in the first year of use.

OK4U Approved, a program created to help inform and ensure the quality of medical marijuana, says this was always the plan since medical marijuana was legalized to help the industry move forward.

"No marijuana will be able to move within this Metrc system without it being tested, so that's just going to way up our game and way up our professionalism in the industry and what's going on," said Chip Paul, the executive director of OK4U Approved. 

 The state's deadline for businesses to switch to the Metrc system is April 30th.