Cub Scouts Troop Founded During Pandemic Participates In First Pinewood Derby

Saturday, April 10th 2021, 6:18 pm
By: Ashlyn Brothers

TULSA, Okla. -

Cub Scouts with Troop 1921 spent the day making new memories while taking part in a tradition. The Greenwood group said there's a lot more than luck that goes into wood car racing. 

The Pinewood Derby is a longstanding tradition for Cub Scouts across the country. For many troops, the global health crisis caused last year's racing event to come to a screeching halt.

However, Troop 1921, which was founded during the pandemic, said the vaccine rollout has given these scouts an opportunity to move forward this year with their inaugural derby.

"I'm super excited," scout Tyrus Walker said.

It starts with a block of pinewood.

"It's easy to cut out. It's easy to mold. It's easy to paint," troop master Devin Williams said.

That's followed by a whole lot of creativity.

"Teaching them tools of safety: How to handle sharp objects, how to work with wood, how to listen to directions," Williams said. 

Troop 1921 is the first North Tulsa Cub Scouts Troop comprised of only youth in the area. It's a fully-funded program, which was a priority for Devin Williams when he started the group.

"Due to lack of resources and transportation, I was not able to finish what I knew I could of, and so, this is very near (and dear) to me, (to) allow these kids to have that opportunity with nothing holding them back," Williams said. 

Williams said the relationships he's making are invaluable. Plus, it's something he can share with his son, Solomon, who is a scout in training

"Oh yeah, he will be a scout one day,” Williams said. “Definitely.”

Walker said he worked hard on his car weeks ahead of Saturday's Pinewood Derby.

"It was very messy. Also, I decorated it with paint," Walker said. 

He said he named the car after a "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" reference. 

"I named it, ‘Zoo-Wee Mama," Walker said. 

Walker said Troop 1921 is competitive, but he said his key to success is just putting his best foot forward. 

"Well, how I would say it is, ‘Try my best,’" Walker said. 

Williams said Cub Scouts is about so much more than earning patches. It's about preparing them for all facets of life.

"We're hoping that one day we have Eagle Scouts with all the skills in the world to go out there and do great things," Williams said.