Piedmont High School Athlete Charged With First-Degree Rape

Monday, April 5th 2021, 5:59 pm

A Piedmont teenager and high school athlete is under investigation. The Canadian County District Attorney recently charged the 17-year-old with one count of first-degree rape. The Piedmont high schooler was charged as a youthful offender.

He was accused of raping the victim at a party last month. Piedmont police were notified on March 21 of an alleged sexual assault. The victim and one of her friends met an officer at a home in Piedmont.

The officer noted in court documents, "the victim was shaking and crying and informed me she had just been raped." The victim said she and nine other people were at a house party and drinking. They all stayed the night at a home where the parents were out-of-town.

The victim said in court documents that the suspect "made two advances at the party but she refused him." The victim reported she went to sleep in a bedroom and the alleged rape happened the following morning.

The victim said the accused teen, who is also an athlete at Piedmont High School, used his hands to hold down her arms and wrist and "she told him to stop two or three times.” The high school junior allegedly only stopped when the victim said please.

Police collected evidence from the home and the victim was taken to a local hospital for a sexual assault exam. Investigators also got Snapchat messages as evidence of sexual contact between the suspect and victim. 

“Through our investigation we have established enough information to provide the district attorney’s office for them to file a youthful offender complaint against the juvenile in our city,” said Chief Scott Singer, Piedmont Police Department.

The suspect is out of jail on a $50,000 bond. His first court appearance is Tuesday in Canadian County.