Man Arrested, Accused Of Driving Impaired With 2-Year-Old Child In Edmond Rollover Crash

Tuesday, March 30th 2021, 10:44 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

First responders are seen on police body camera comforting a 2-year-old minutes after a rollover crash.

It happened Sunday in Edmond on Frontage Road near Interstate 35.

Edmond police arrested his father for DUI.

Moments after police said William Porter veered off the access road and crashed through a barrier, a string of calls to 911 rolled in.

Caller: She was flying down the road and she just flipped over.

Caller: A car just rolled on the side of the service road, through a chain link fence.

Police and firefighters were relieved to find a child and his father unharmed.         

Police: Hey buddy. You OK? What's your name?            

According to police the child's father, William Porter, had been driving.

Police: So, you were headed to Walmart?  

Porter: Yes sir.  

Police: So, what happened with all this?  

Porter: I kind of think it was an anxiety thing, and I just….

Police: Do you normally have anxiety?  

Porter: Not usually, no.  

Initially police said Porter denied being under the influence, but a series of failed tests suggested otherwise.

Police: You haven't taken anything whatsoever? 

Porter: I took one Ambien.

When Porter failed to understand why he was going to jail police explained.

Police: If you're on any medication that affects your driving, and you roll your vehicle with your toddler in the back seat, that's a DUI. You've already had two of those. Is that correct?     

Porter was arrested for suspicion of DUI and child endangerment.