Washington High School Senior Wins Car In Essay Contest

Monday, March 1st 2021, 7:14 pm
By: Brian Mueller

In January News 9 brought you the story of a family that started an essay contest in honor of their late daughter. The winner would receive her car.

An assembly disguised as a college signing was held Wednesday at Washington High School. 

It’s real purpose? The Bookout family was announcing the winner of their essay contest. 

“We’ve been fighting over making the right decision, and the minute I said his name, I knew we’d done good," said Jennifer Bookout. 

They selected Washington High School senior Kenny Love III as the winner.

“It caught me off guard man," said Kenny.

It's not every day a student wins a new car. 

The contest's prize was a ’09 Chevy Aveo that belonged to Jennifer's daughter Morgan. She passed away unexpectedly at 26 last year. 

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It was in her honor that Jennifer and Morgan's sister Taylor started the essay contest. 

“I think she would be very happy, in fact, I think she guided us to pick him," said Jennifer. 

Kenny’s essay was a moving one. He wrote about growing up resenting his father for being an alcoholic and addict. 

Three years ago, he had a dream his father died in a car accident. 

“I was upset, not because he had passed, but because I never got the chance to tell him how bad of a father he was and how better he could have been for me and for my siblings,” he said. 

Kenny called the dream a vision from God, and remarkably it led to father and son speaking again. His dad a changed man, resentment turned into reconciliation. 

Kenny wants to study theology in college, and the Bookouts are proud that Morgan will play a part in getting him there. 

“It took care of her for all these years, and now it can take care of somebody else and lead them in the right direction," said Jennifer.