Oklahomans With Medical Conditions Say Unexpected Rolling Blackouts Can Be Dangerous

Wednesday, February 17th 2021, 5:14 pm

After thousands of Oklahomans were left in the dark following the recent rolling blackouts, some residents said it can be life-threatening.

Mike Williamson is on oxygen 24/7, and if his power is turned off without warning, he said it could lead to a difficult situation.

More than 163,000 Oklahomans were without power Tuesday morning as utility companies across the state implemented rolling blackouts due to what they called an energy emergency. During these blackouts, some metro homes and businesses were without power for one to two hours at a time.

However, for some with a medical condition, that can become problematic. 

Williamson has COPD and needs oxygen throughout the entire day. He said if he’s not prepared, just a few hours without power could be dangerous. 

He thinks it’s important for people in his position to get some type of a warning before the power goes off completely.

“It could save lives for some people,” said Williamson. “There’s a lot more than just oxygen, people are on dialysis, people are on all kinds of things at home that just keep them going.”

Williamson said this isn’t the first time he’s gone through something like this. During the October ice storm, he went without power for several weeks. He had to find another place to stay before his oxygen levels got too low.

OG&E said those rolling blackout are on hold for now.