Rolling Blackout Led To Life-Threatening Situation For OKC Couple

Tuesday, February 16th 2021, 12:52 pm
By: Kelsey Kernstine

Tuesday morning's rolling blackouts across Oklahoma led to a life-threatening situation for one metro couple.

Jan Laughlin just got back home from the hospital after spending 70 days away battling COVID-19.

After waking up Tuesday morning with no power, it sent her and her husband into a panic.

"And then the power went out and panic ensued,” Dave Laughlin said.

"And it absolutely is paralyzingly terrifying is the way I will describe it, because you don't know what'd you'd do,” Jan Laughlin said.

Jan Laughlin said she does have a backup oxygen supply that can run on batteries for up to 90 minutes if she lowers the oxygen levels.

She said her husband prepared for the storm and bought a generator, but there was a problem.

"We thought we had things in motion, then the generator wouldn't come on,” Jan Laughlin said.

As Oklahomans continue to deal with extremely cold temperatures across the Oklahoma City metro and the possibility of more rolling blackouts, OG&E said if you are on oxygen or if you have health issues, in any emergency situation, call 911 and then to please notify a service representative.