5 Things To Know About Herd Immunity

Wednesday, February 10th 2021, 9:31 am
By: Tevis Hillis

A professor and active researcher of COVID-19 from Oklahoma State University explaining the top five things to know about herd immunity.

“Any kind of roadblock that we can set up to slow the spread of the virus is only going to help put this behind us,” said Jennifer Rudd, an active SARS-CoV-2 researcher.

She takes it step by step, saying getting on the other side of COVID-19 beings with individuals getting the antibodies.

"The more people we have that have the protective immunity, the closer we are going to get to the herd immunity threshold," said Rudd.

But the threshold Dr. Rudd talks about is unknown.

“Are we going to eliminate COVID-19 so that we never see it again on the earth? I think it is highly unlikely," said Rudd.

But if you have a population with 50-60% immunity-this would make COVID-19 on the level of a seasonal virus.

Around 80% immunity, the virus would become more uncommon, like measles or mumps.

With the vaccine being created in record time-there is still serious concerns from the public.

“If they can keep the people out of the hospital and keep people from dying, then these are significant findings that are worth going ahead and getting,” said Rudd. “I think there is a real chance the worst is behind us, but that is so largely dependent on the choices we make for the next few months.” 

For more on the five things to know about herd immunity, you can read her article.