OKCPS Needs Substitute Teachers Due To COVID-19 Impact

Tuesday, February 2nd 2021, 5:10 am
By: Jordan Dafnis

Oklahoma City -

As many Oklahoma City Public School students return to the classroom Tuesday, the district said they are in need of substitute teachers.

The district needs substitutes that are on deck, ready to go in case teachers have to take time off due to COVID-19 or other reasons.

They are offering a decent pay bump to get people interested. The district is offering an additional $40 a day on top of the regular pay. Depending on your education level you can make anywhere from $95 to $120 a day. District officials say this makes them the highest paying district in the state.

They already have hundreds of subs but, Brad Herzer, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Safety and Security says, “Now that we are coming back we need as many as possible. We probably have two to three hundred that are actively on our roles but we could use two to three hundred more.”

Tuesday will be the first day back for many students and the subs will play a key role in keeping them there.

"It’s very exciting. I was a former principal in the district, and so when you go to a building and you see the little kids in the building, now there is a level of excitement. You know the buzz of a school and we have not had that. So it is very exciting. We are anxious to get them back so we can continue to serve our students," says Herzer.

The district sends out an email letting people know what needs they have and if you are a sub and you are free you can sign up to work that day.

Click here if you are interested in applying.