OKC Begins Second Pass Of Ice Storm Debris Pickup

Monday, February 1st 2021, 8:28 am
By: Tevis Hillis

Oklahoma City -

Many are still seeing the effects of the historic October ice storm, with this week marking the beginning of the second pass as Oklahoma City crews try to clean up the mess. 

“Oklahoma City has 621 miles. We have a lot of territory to cover,” said Jennifer McClintock with the OKC Utilities Department. “This is already surpassing what our expectations are. That is just our residential tree debris cleanup.”

It is a lot to get done with severe tree damage. The city was not expecting this much. They are already approaching the 100-thousand-ton mark.

The city wants to remind you of the following:

  1. Do not cover your water meter, gas meter or set debris close to any obstructions such as trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, or vehicles.
  2. Crews are not able to pick up debris piles placed under trees. Piles will need to be moved to provide access.
  3. Cut tree limbs to a length of 10 feet or shorter.
  4. Make sure all limbs are separate from regular bulky waste.
  5. Avoid stacking limbs on sidewalks or in the street.

The city says they are not planning to make mulch available for the public. Instead, they are using these chips for landfill cover. 

If you are concerned about not having your debris picked up at the end of this or would like to view the map of where the crews will be next, click here or call (405) 297-2833, to speak with someone from the customer service department.