Nicoma Park Police: 3 Arrested, Accused Of Forcing Child To Live In Dog Cage

Monday, January 25th 2021, 10:38 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

Three people are in police custody, accused of forcing a child to live in a dog cage.

News 9 cameras were rolling when Nicoma Park police raided their home in December.

“The child indicated that she had been locked in a small dog cage,” said Nicoma Park Police Lt. Mike Weiss.

According to court document, the little girl was forced to live like an animal in a dog kennel under the watch of her grandparents.

“The house was very dirty, very nasty. There was rotting food, trash all over the house, animal feces,” said Weiss.

In December, police officers responded to a home where a little girl claimed her grandparents Mary and Charles Deronda abused her.

“She kept referring to the grandparents as the mean people, or at the mean house,” said Weiss.

She said she was to live in a tiny dog cage.

“She demonstrated how small the cage was by laying on the floor in a fetal position,” said Weiss.

At times, the girl told investigators she shared it with the family dog and would remain there for days "without food or water."

“Her words were lengthy all day, every day, and that while locked in the cage she could not go to the restroom,” said Weiss.

Court documents also show she said her grandparents, or their friend Jeremy Cook would lock her inside.

News 9 went to the home Monday and spoke with the girl’s aunt.

Reporter: The investigators are saying this was essentially a house of horrors, that it was filthy in here. Is that not the case?  

Aunt: No, that's not the case.

The girl's aunt said it was all a lie.

Aunt: She's four years old, she's a little girl that makes up stories.

And while investigators recovered a kennel from a nearby storage unit, the girl’s aunt said she was never forced to live in it.

Report: She said she was kept in a dog kennel?   

Aunt: No, that's not true.

Reporter: There was no dog cage in the house?

Aunt: We don't even have a dog cage.    

Reporter: Well, they found one in a storage shed.   

Aunt: It was in a brand new box and never been pulled out.                  

Court documents show the girl's grandparents, and their friend are now charged with child neglect and abuse.