Oklahomans Support Family Of Teen Who Battled Rare Form Of Cancer

Thursday, January 21st 2021, 6:30 pm

DEL CITY, Okla. -

Kemarr Davis was battling Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that became terminal. 

Before our story with Kemarr aired, he passed away last week at the age of 19. 

With the family’s permission and as a tribute to him, News 9 is sharing his story and how the community was there to support Kemarr and his family when they needed it most. 

First and foremost, Kemarr loved to play video games.

“Kemarr’s a gamer, he lives for games. He’s got a PS5, he just got it this year," said Quenton Parks, Kemarr’s stepfather.

And that’s where the Mack Impact comes in. 

The nonprofit helps kids battling cancer, and when they heard Kemarr wanted a PlayStation 5 for Christmas, they reached out to the community and a generous person donated one. 

“He was in tears. When he saw the PS5, he was in tears," said Quenton.

Kemarr’s family had just moved from Phoenix to Oklahoma in May so they could be closer to cancer specialists. 

But Quenton lost his job during the pandemic, finances were so stressed that things like a washer and dryer weren’t in the budget. Kemarr’s mother was washing clothes by hand. 

“A lot of our Mack Impact supporters wanted to help, so we created an Amazon wish list, and before I knew it, the Amazon packages were just piling it up," said Niki Asher of the Mack Impact.

A family donated a washer/dryer, and the Mack Impact had boxes of gifts to deliver. 

"It was just extremely humbling to see all these people coming together to help somebody else in our community," said Asher.  

“We just moved here, so we know that people from Oklahoma care about us. It means the world to my family," said Quenton. 

Kemarr had recently been transferred to home care so he could be more comfortable. 

Before Kemarr passed, News 9’s Brian Mueller asked Mr. Parks how the family kept hope alive, and his answer still rings true today. 

“Our faith has gotten us through all this time. God’s got us. He got us. There’s nothing we can do but pray,” he said. 

If you would like to send flowers to the family or plant a tree in Kemarr's memory, click here.