Drug Bust In OKC Nets 151 Pounds Of Meth, Other Illegal Narcotics

Thursday, January 14th 2021, 5:11 pm


An Oklahoma City police K-9 sniffed out hundreds of pounds of drugs during a traffic stop of two women accused of being drug runners this week.

Police said the large drug bust was just one of several made that day.

Local law enforcement routinely patrol interstates like Interstate 40. They often stop suspected drug runners who are taking cross-country trips.

“Often times it’s from California going to the East Coast or vice versa,” said Master Sgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Sometimes it’s coming up from the southern border.”

On Monday, an Oklahoma City officer made a traffic stop near Interstate 40 and Council Road on a car with an Arizona tag.

Nache Moore, 31, and Latasha Mattison, 36, both claimed to be from Kentucky but gave the officer conflicting stories about the car.

“There was something suspicious going on, “ said Knight. “Their stories simply did not match up.”

The officer noted in the probably cause affidavit that Moore refused to let him search the car, so he called for a K-9.

“Conducted what they call an open air sniff,” said Knight. “The dog basically walks around the vehicle and tries to detect drugs and that’s exactly what happened here. It yielded a large amount of drugs, over 150 pounds of methamphetamine.”

Not only were there dozens of bundles of methamphetamine but police seized 44 pounds of marijuana, ecstasy, Fentanyl and cash from the car. 

Moore and Mattison were arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on multiple complaints of aggravated drug trafficking.

Police said these women were not the only people to be stopped that day.

“They conduct these types of traffic stops and get large amounts of drugs off the streets on a regular basis,” said Knight. “In fact, in 24 hours on either side of this traffic stop, they had two others where there was a large haul of drugs taken off the streets.”

The officers also found illegal THC cartridges and edibles in the women's car.