Witnesses Tried To Save Woman From Burning Car In Deadly SW OKC Crash

Thursday, December 10th 2020, 5:48 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Good Samaritans rushed to save a metro woman on Wednesday night from a burning car. Unfortunately, police said Michelle Wynd, 43, and Jason Wilson, 36, died at the southwest Oklahoma City crash scene. 

Oklahoma City police continue to investigate the crash, but said preliminary reports indicated Wilson was speeding when he crashed into the back of Wynd’s car.

The initial impact you know you think ‘Oh,” said witness Sheila Wallbrown. “But then when it caught fire, immediately it was engulfed within seconds.”

Wallbrown, her husband and their four children were on their way home to Newcastle, when they witnessed the horrific crash at the intersection of Southwest 149th Street and Western Avenue. 

Police said Wynd was stopped at a red light when Wilson slammed into the back of her car. Wynd's car burst into flames.

“Told my kids to stay in the car,” said witness Travis Wallbrown. “Jumped out and ran to the first car which was on fire.”

Wallbrown said an off-duty firefighter also ran to rescue the trapped driver. He said the firefighter rushed into the burning car.

“He crawled up into the back of what was left of the car while it was on fire,” said Wallbrown. “Pulled the passenger door open, could not reach the driver from that point of view.”

They realized there was nothing they could do to help Wynd and went to check on the other driver. By that time Wallbrown said police and fire crews were at the scene.

Family of both drivers also showed up.

“I did get to pray with his wife of the one vehicle,” said Wallbrown. “His wife was there, and I prayed with her and what do you, you can’t say anything.”

The Wallbrowns were deeply impacted by the crash and said they could not imagine what both families are going through.

They said it could have been anyone in the crash, including their family.

“Had we not slowed down because the light was red initially,” said Wallbrown. “We probably would have been in that intersection when he came.”

The Wallbrowns said in all, there were more than 20 people who tried to help after the crash.