Integris Doctor On November COVID-19 Surge; Warning For Month Of December

Wednesday, December 2nd 2020, 5:13 am
By: Katelyn Ogle

Oklahoma City -

New numbers from the State Health Department show November was the deadliest month for COVID-19 Oklahoma has seen so far with 421 deaths.

Cases also reached a new single-month record with more than 76,000 cases.

10,000 of those new cases in Oklahoma City in November.

The city said it took about eight months for the metro to confirm 20,000 cases, then just one month to jump from 20,000 to 30,000 COVID-19 patients.

Now at the beginning of December, the state is already setting new records for COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Integris Doctor, David Chansolme, said on average COVID-19 kills about one patients a day in his hospital.

“We know people that end up in the ICU, the mortality rate is something between 30-40%. That is really really high. That is like 10 times the risk of dying from a heart attack,” said Dr. Chansolme. “Anyone who believes this is a hoax can come with me and walk through the intensive care unit.”

Dr. Chansolme said even though 6% of the ICU beds are available, there’s not enough staff to take care of the patients.