2 Taken To Hospital After Tulsa Police Chase Ends In Crash

Tuesday, December 1st 2020, 12:11 pm
By: News On 6

Two people are in the hospital after police say they led officers on a high-speed chase and crashed in the woods.

This happened near 36th Street North and the Tisdale Parkway. Tulsa Police say it started when an officer pulled over a car for not showing a license plate correctly. They tell us as another officer was on the way, the car sped off. Tulsa Police say they stopped chasing the car because of the unsafe high speeds -- right before the driver lost control.

Osage Sky News 6 HD video shows the car on its side, in a wooded area near the Tisdale Parkway and West 36th Street North.

Police say the driver was going more than 80 miles per hour before the car flipped and skidded through the woods. Joe Cervantez owns this land, and says he was home at the time.

"I was watching your noon news," Cervantez said. "My neighbor across the street calls me and asks me what's going on out here, and she told me, I said well I'll be darned. Went back and looked at the car, it's really a mess, it's all totaled and upside down"

The driver was ejected from the car. Firefighters used the jaws of life to pull a woman who was trapped inside the car.

You can see the path the car took as it tumbled through the trees.

"It's kind of a surprise to see all the broken trees down there, and this tree right here he took out is kind of a blessing, because I didn't like it there anyways, now I've just got a stump there," Cervantez said.

The two people in the car were taken to the hospital. We don't know how they're doing, and police have not released their names.

This is a developing story. Stay with News On 6 for updates.