OKC Businesses Heeding Mayor Holt's 'Power 10' Recommendation

Monday, November 23rd 2020, 5:29 pm
By: Storme Jones

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt asked residents take a 10-day break from high-risk activities in hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19 on Thursday.

Businesses, families, churches and nonprofits across the metro have responded.

“I think we would probably have about 500 people in and out the door on Saturday and Sunday,” Rob Rowe said.

Rowe owns Score OKC, an 80,000 square foot indoor sports arena.

Even though the facility near NW 192 and Meridian sits a mile outside Oklahoma City's city limits, Rowe said he felt a responsibility to close his doors for the mayor’s suggested 10 days.

“It was a tough decision for us but we just felt it was the right thing to do with a mayor recommending it,” Rowe said. “We are a community-based sports facility. We want to take care of our customers and our staff.”

Holt said he hopes the pause will keep hospitals from a “meltdown situation” as about 550 people are hospitalized due to COVID-19 in Oklahoma City alone.

“I absolutely believe that we’re going to see those numbers come down in a week or two in response to what is happening. I can tell the people are pulling back and that’s heartening,” Holt said.

Rowe said his 10 employees are focusing on maintenance projects and doing a deep clean during the 10-day pause. He said winter months are typically their busy season, but for now, they’re fine sitting on the sideline.

“It will be very packed and things will go on, but right now, we’re at a time where we need to step back,” Rowe said. “The health of our patrons and our staff is the most important thing.”

He said Score OKC will follow Holt’s future guidance on when it’s safe to open again.

“This is a community that has responded on multiple occasions to spikes in this virus,” Holt said. “This is a community that has responded to any a number of disasters, and our response is usually so strong we have a name for it; we call of the 'Oklahoma Standard.' I think that’s what you’re seeing on display this week.”