Metro Food Pantry Giving Back Thanks To Community Involvement

Saturday, November 21st 2020, 4:35 pm


More than a month ago, News 9 brought you a story about a local nonprofit called The Free Food Pantry, Inc. and Education Center. The nonprofit was running unusually low because the donations they have always relied on was simply not there due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Thanks to the response from metro residents, The Free Food Pantry, Inc. and Education Center handed out hundreds of Thanksgiving baskets. 

“We have people in devastating situations,” food pantry founder Sister Mable Stoss said.

The hard times quickly changed with help from the community. 

“We actually went over what we did last year,” Stoss said.  

Stoss said she has received over $3,000 in donations in the last month to make Thanksgiving baskets.

“We are giving out ham, turkeys and just about 12 different side items,” Stoss said. “Stuffing, dressing, mac and cheese, cookies.”

People were able to drive up, get the Thanksgiving necessities and go home.

Free Food Pantry has partnered with F.D. Moon Middle School to use their space for the past two years.

Danielle Jones, an F.D. Moon Middle School teacher volunteering on Saturday, said the people she has seen are truly appreciative of the help.

“There is such a high need with the pandemic going on and just times in general,” Jones said. “Why not be a blessing to other people?”

Stoss hopes to see the world go back as it once was but said the drive-thru is all she needs now.

“I feel great,” Stoss said. “I feel great because God has truly blessed us.”  

The nonprofit will drive through the metro delivering the Thanksgiving baskets for those unable to leave their house starting Monday.