Some School Districts Announce Plans For 'Snow Days'

Monday, October 26th 2020, 5:17 pm
By: Hunter McKee

The pandemic has changed how school districts look at snow days. Some are having kids conduct coursework online instead of just taking the day off.

Edmond was the first metro district to make the change. 

In a letter to parents, district leaders said because every Edmond student now has a device to work from home, learning won't be disrupted when school buildings are closed. 

Administrators said if classes are canceled because of snow or ice, students will still be required to log in and get their assignments for that day. Teachers will also be online for questions and feedback.

“I'm glad that we have the means and the technology to be able to keep the kids learning even if they can't physically go to the schools,” said Sarah Hubler, a parent.

Attendance will be taken and any student who choose not to participate on that specific day will be counted absent. Edmond officials said it's important to include these remote learning days since students have already lost time due to the COVID-19. The decision has parents coming down on both sides.

“It is disruptive to learning,” said Hubler. “It's nice to know we do have the technology and we do have the means to no have those gaps and holes in their learning.”

“If you've got the WIFI and then you don't have the WIFI because your power goes out, and you're not using a phone because you don't have a cellular signal then that really puts people in a difficult position as well,” said Laura Dumin, a parent.

Putnam City Public Schools announced they will also move to virtual learning on Tuesday due to expected weather conditions. 

Oklahoma City Public Schools also said they canceled all activities Monday afternoon and will cancel in-person classes Tuesday. 

Other school districts like Mustang Public Schools said they're still assessing their options at this point.