Man In Germany Searching For Family Of WWII Soldier Possibly From Oklahoma

Friday, October 23rd 2020, 9:59 am
By: Karl Torp


Eric Wieman has committed the last four years of his life to finding World War II crash sites in Germany.

He’s found 26 sites so far by discovering aircraft pieces with a metal detector.

“I found out these little metal parts have a very big meaning,” said Wieman.

Once a site is discovered, Wieman researches databases for information about the plane and crew that went down.

Right now, Wieman is near the town of Mechtersheim where he’s found parts of a B17 Flying Fortress that was shot down in January 1945.

Wieman said two of the nine people on board died and seven parachuted out and became prisoners of war.

One of those who parachuted out was Sgt. Russell Owen Dick, a waist gunner on the plane.

Wieman was able to track down Dick to Waukomis.

A Russell O. Dick died in 1977 and is buried at the Waukomis Cemetery.

Wieman is trying to contact any descendants of Sgt. Russell Owen Dick to tell them about his work.

At crash sites where people have lost their lives, Wieman puts a memorial up detailing the aircraft and crew.

Four large stones with plaques have been erected in the past four years.

“People come here, families come here they want to see these places,” said Wieman.

Click here to view Wieman's website on the project in Mechtersheim.