Blood Found In SW OKC Apartment Was From Missing, Murdered Woman, DNA Analyst Confirms

Thursday, October 22nd 2020, 6:23 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

Experts weighed in on Thursday on evidence that was found at a southwest Oklahoma City murder scene two years ago. The suspect on trial is accused of killing his girlfriend. However, 52-year-old Susan Freehauf’s body has never been found.

When detectives got a search warrant for Freehauf's apartment in September 2018 they discovered signs that David Shores, 50, allegedly tried to clean-up. Crime scene investigators cut out pieces of carpet were blood soaked through to the padding and concrete. The spots were confirmed to be blood and a DNA analyst determined the blood was from Freehauf.

Prosecutors also questioned the state's chief medical examiner. While Freehauf's body has never been found, the medical examiner testified the blood stains were consistent with a serious injury that could have led to death.

The last witness of the day sat face-to-face with Shores in September 2018 on the day Freehauf was reported missing. Shore's recorded interview at police headquarters was played for the jury.

The homicide detective testified that at the beginning of the interview he did not know if Shores was involved in Freehauf's disappearance. They were waiting for a warrant to search her apartment. 

Shores could be heard asking several times if he needed an attorney and said, "I feel like I should have an attorney." At that point, Shores had not been questioned about the victim. 

The suspect sat in the interview room for four hours. When he was alone, he could be heard talking to himself and at one point he grabbed his stomach and groaned as if he were in pain.

The detective told prosecutors that Shores never expressed concern about Freehauf that day. He only said that she abruptly left and took cash with her.

Jurors also heard from an operations manager for the Oklahoma River. He helped investigators search for Freehauf's remains in the river but testified they never found anything.

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