Neighbors Frustrated At OKC's Response To Damaged Road

Wednesday, September 30th 2020, 5:49 pm
By: Karl Torp

Some neighbors in far northeast Oklahoma City feel the City is giving them the run around.

The issue is a giant crater on NE 48th at Hiwassee Road and a now exposed drainage culvert.

EMSA confirmed an ambulance got stuck on NE 48th.

Julie Autaubo lives at NE 48th and Hiwassee and has complained to the City for years to fix the problem.

“We’ve never had out calls returned,” said Autaubo.

Autaubo told News 9 about a week ago she was finally able to get ahold of an OKC city planner.

“They looked on the city map and said it was a city street,” Autaubo said.

The City told News 9 it’s actually a private road and neighbors are responsible for the repairs.

Oklahoma City Director of Public Works Eric Wenger said it's not uncommon for neighbors and even the city to be confused on who is responsible for maintaining roads.

“With a city this size, we are finding out that some roads are private that we didn’t know about even today," he said.

Those on Northeast 48th had no idea on the distinction until the color of their street signs recently changed to white, indicating a private road.

“We do find even today that some signs haven’t been changed,” said Wenger.

Fortunately for neighbors, city crews will start upgrading Hiwassee Road and the exposed culvert on NE 48th is expected to be fixed.

What’s especially frustrating for Autaubo is the discarded city signs have now been discovered along the side of NE 48th.

“This area should not be used as a dumping zone,” Autaubo said.