OHP: Suspect Wanted In Tennessee Arrested In Oklahoma

Wednesday, August 12th 2020, 10:34 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers arrested a man in Seminole County over the weekend who is wanted in Tennessee for allegedly nearly shooting a man to death back in June. 

Joshua Woods, 29, is accused of shooting Troy Freeman on June 15. Freeman’s family told News 9 18 bullets were fired at him, 8 hit Troy. 

Freeman was recently released from the hospital, according to his family, and will now have to go on disability.  

Woods has a lengthy criminal record in Tennessee.  

Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Woods was speeding on Interstate 40 near the Seminole Nation Casino Sunday around 9 a.m. 

“Trooper Brown observed a white pick-up traveling westbound on I-40 near mile marker 202,” said Trooper Mystal Perkins. “It was traveling approximately 94 miles per hour in a 75 mile per hour zone.” 

The vehicle slowed down to the speed limit but not before Woods and his passenger switched seats while driving.  

“Any time you’re not paying attention to the road, even just being on your cell phone or texting is dangerous. But when you’re physically changing seats, nobody is in control of that vehicle and they are still traveling the speed limit while they were doing that,” said Perkins.  

After pulling over at a gas station, Woods refused to cooperate with troopers.  

“Mr. Woods gave Trooper Brown multiple names and dates of birth. When he finally got the correct first name, Joshua Woods, he still gave them the incorrect date of birth,” said Perkins. “Once he found out he was going to be going to Seminole County anyway, Woods went ahead and gave up and gave him his information.” 

Not only was Woods wanted in Tennessee, court records show he’s also wanted by the U.S. Marshalls for a weapons offense. A simple traffic stop can go a long way. 

“Our patrol is so important to OHP because we are able to get those types of arrests and get those types of people and take them off the street,” said Perkins.  

Woods was booked in the Seminole County jail on complaints of speeding, fugitive from justice, failing to properly wear a seatbelt, and warrants from Nashville. He’ll be extradited back to Tennessee.