New Coalition Working To Help Oklahomans On Verge Of Eviction

Friday, August 7th 2020, 4:43 pm


The federal moratorium on evictions has been lifted, and local leaders are working to make sure Oklahomans are not evicted.

Their help is in the form of a new coalition spearheaded by State Representative Jason Lowe.

"We are here to help you. We are here to support you," said Lowe.

Community leaders joined together as a coalition to help people before it is too late.

"Studies are showing we are looking at another 130,000 potential evictions in Oklahoma if things are not addressed," said Michael Figgins the Executive Director of Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma.

The federal moratorium expired on July 25. Tenants must be given a 30-day notice before being evicted.

"If you live in a Cares covered property, it is not proper for your landlord to file an eviction until August 24th," said Jennifer Montagna the Lead Eviction Attorney at Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma.

State and local governments have set aside money to help people who are eligible.

"It has impacted more greatly communities of color, and the people who need us are crying out for us now," said Ginny Carl the Executive Director of Community Cares Partners and Founder and CEO of Giving Well LLC.

Free legal representation is their next call to action.

"80% of tenants that have an attorney do not get evicted," said Figgins. "They do not get evicted. The ones that do who show up without an attorney, only 6% will not get evicted."

The coalition's hope is to avoid a homelessness crisis while educating the public about the free options the state currently has for people.