Some Businesses Say Mask Mandate Could Be Good Or Bad For Them

Friday, July 17th 2020, 9:41 pm
By: Clayton Cummins


Malls, doctor’s offices, bars and restaurants are in for a change after Oklahoma City City Council voted to enact a mandatory mask mandate in city limits.

All day Friday, bars and restaurants were watching and waiting for city council's final vote. The weekend depended on it.

At Scorecards Sports Bar, staff, even patrons waited as City Council debated.

“I think we all need to do what were supposed to do to protect each other,” said Robin Feymour, a bartender at Scorecards Sports Bar.

Scorecards has no plans to close anytime soon. But now, with a mask mandatory, business has come into question.

“I don’t know that the people that are coming in here to just relax and enjoy themselves are going to feel comfortable,” said Feymour. “They’re here to drink so they’re not going to necessarily want to sit on the other side of the bar having conversations with one another behind the mask.”

The Oklahoma Restaurant Association is in favor of the decision.

“The restaurant industry nationwide, that’s true in Oklahoma too, has lost more jobs and more revenue than any five other industries combined,” said Jim Hopper, President and CEO of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association.

Now that a mask mandate has been approved by city council, Hopper hopes now restaurants can increase customer capacity.

“Obviously you can't have a mask on while you’re eating and having a beverage,” said Hopper. “But if you walk in and wear it to your table and take it off, order and have your food, and put it on if you’re up and around the restaurant I think that’s a good thing.”

As time goes on what's considered normal seems further away.

Many bars and restaurants will tell you, they're ready for how it used to be.

“It will be nice when the temperatures cool down because that is really making things harder at the moment,” said Feymour.

Some bars and restaurants across the metro have been offering discounts to patrons that wear a mask. That may likely come to an end.