Couple Accused Of Child Sex Crimes Attempt Suicide, Investigators Say

Wednesday, July 15th 2020, 9:42 pm


A Davis couple is charged with child sexual abuse 24 hours after attempting suicide.

Murray County investigators found the pair last week near the Washita River.

According to a press release, while armed with a gun and copious amounts of medication Heather Britt and her husband Travis attempted to take their lives on July 7. They were found lying on the ground by deputies near the Washita River on Sooner Rock Road.

Travis "appeared to have a gunshot to the arm and a grazing wound to the head." Both "were breathing but unresponsive," according to the report.

While hospitalized, just 24 hours later the couple was hit with a string of serious charges including kidnapping and child sexual abuse. Both are accused of " lewd molestation to a child under 16."

Investigators allege on at least one instance Heather enabled the abuse while intentionally watching her husband kiss and touch a 15-year-old girl.

A family member located a suicide note from the couple's residence.

According to investigators, there were witnesses to the abuse including the couple’s relatives. 

The McClure undershiff confirmed that Heather is now in custody.

No word yet if additional arrests could be made.