OKC Councilwoman Accused Of Comparing Police To Terrorists, According To FOP

Tuesday, July 7th 2020, 11:17 pm
By: Clayton Cummins


The Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police is calling out councilwoman JoBeth Hamon online for a post they said compares police officers to terrorists.

Black Lives Matter OKC, who originally made the post, said that’s not what it means.

“I think a lot of people are taking it that way, not just the FOP,” said John George, President of the Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police.

The OKC FOP believes it’s comparing police officers to terrorists like Timothy McVeigh who was behind the 1995 Murrah Bombing.

“I was livid but it’s not surprising, this is not her first time,” said Geroge. “We know she’s anti police. We know that. We don’t even call her out for the stuff she does post (but) this one crosses the line in our opinion.”

Hamon posted the image sometime last week. Tuesday, the Oklahoma City FOP posted their response.

“This one crossed the line and we thought when you cross the line, where that line is, it varies, but when you cross the line were just not going to be silent about it,” said George.  

Councilwoman Hamon reposted the image originally made by Black Lives Matter OKC.

It came after Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater recently charged protestors arrested with terrorism.

“This is the latest act in a pattern of really upsetting targeting of councilwoman JoBeth Hamon,” said Jess Eddy, of Black Lives Matter. “When we say law enforcement performs its duties in a way that terrorizes black communities, brown communities that was what is being said and that is a reality. Black and brown people are scared to death by law enforcement.”

Black Lives Matter OKC continues their support for councilwoman Hamon.

Oklahoma City’s FOP president said he’d like to see Hamon not be reelected.

Eric Ruffin, Malachai Davis and Isael Ortiz were charged last month with terrorism activity in late June following protests in the death of George Floyd.