GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Yukon Woman Says Teens Brutally Attacked Her Husband; Offering $10K Reward For Information

Monday, July 6th 2020, 9:54 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

A Yukon woman finds her husband beaten and broken over the holiday.

She believes several Choctaw teens attacked him at Lake Texoma and left him for dead.

Brenda Merchant is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to arrests.

So far, she said the tips are rolling in.

“They did scans and that’s when they found the brain bleed and all the fractures in his face, fracture in his neck,” said Brenda.

Mark Merchant’s injuries were almost too much to bear for even his wife.

“He turned the light on, and I just saw the most horrific, I didn't recognize him. It was so horrible!” said Brenda.

Brenda and her husband Mark spent the holiday at their home on Taylors Island. She turned in for the night while her husband returned to the beach where he was savagely beaten.

“He said I think they drug me into the tree line,” said Merchant.

The attackers drove her husband's vehicle into the lake.

“The back end was in the water, you could tell where they tried to sink it, but the back got stuck,” said Brenda.

After waking up Brenda's husband stumbled to a neighbor's home.

“He walked I don’t know, two miles maybe- barefoot on gravel,” she said.     

Mark was rushed to the hospital.

“I just darted straight into trauma, I said I need a wheelchair and I need some help!,” said Merchant.

Due to COVID-19 concerns Brenda hasn't been allowed to visit.

“The medical people said do you want to kiss your husband goodbye? I said yes and that's the last time I’ve seen him,” she said.

While no arrests have been made Brenda believes the teens responsible had visited with her husband earlier that day.

“He came back up and ran into an off-duty highway patrolman and said there are five guys on the beach saying they are going to whoop my [expletive]” said Brenda.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office said they’re looking for two teens they believe will help further their investigation.