Tecumseh Fraternal Order Of Police Evicted From Lodge, Owes 4 Months’ Rent

Wednesday, July 1st 2020, 10:22 pm

The Tecumseh Fraternal Order of Police has been evicted from their building after a ruling this morning from a Pottawatomie County Judge.

News 9 previously reported the FOP owes $2,000 which is a total of four months’ rent.

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Their landlord, Rece Williams, said the officers destroyed her property including paint, siding and an industrial cooler, among other items.

The Tecumseh FOP did not appear in court Wednesday morning, but we have learned since then that several groups, including the Tecumseh Police Department, have requested an investigation into the lodge by OSBI.

Agents confirmed they now have an open case.

The state FOP reports they will be analyzing spending and finances.

“The citizens of Tecumseh deserve better than this. They need to find out everything that is going on over there,” said Williams, the landlord.

FOP President, Lt. Trey Baker turned over the keys Tuesday night, according to Williams.

While following the story, multiple sources have also voiced concern raised about a K-9 officer named Onyx.

“We were contacted about some money that was supposed to be allocated towards Onyx from Bikers Backing the Blue,” said Jared Strand of the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office.

A fundraiser was held in April 2017 to benefit the Justin Terney Memorial Tecumseh Police Foundation.

Supporters said they were under the impression that money would go towards K-9 training.

However, when Onyx was unexpectedly transferred to the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, deputies said the money didn’t follow the dog.

“The more we looked into the guys with Bikers Back the Blue said a little over $7,000 was supposed to go towards Onyx,” said Deputy Strand.

Tecumseh police provided a copy of the alleged check.

They said they were never told the money had to go to Onyx, and don’t believe they’ve violated any of the foundation’s financial bylaws.

They note it was not listed on the check either.

Pottawatomie County wants to make clear that from 2018 forward they themselves raised money in an annual poker run to benefit their K-9 program.

The said by not receiving the 2017 money, it delayed Onyx’s training.

“It’s something that we could have sent him somewhere sooner, and got it done,” said Strand.

As for Williams, various law enforcement agencies have offered to donate their time to repair the damaged building. She will be back in court later this month and seeking restitution.

The landlord has a direct message to the FOP president, Trey Baker.

“I am ashamed of you as a police officer. You claim to be a Christian. If this is what you’re teaching your little boys—you put on a police uniform and you can steal from people—shame on you,” said Williams.

While Baker would not answer our questions on camera, he did provide the following press release related to Wednesday’s story and previous coverage.

FOP President Statement 1

FOP President Statement 2

FOP President Statement 3