OKC Grandmother Reports Grandson's Alleged Involvement In Violent Robbery

Friday, June 26th 2020, 5:45 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Two teenage robbery suspects are in jail thanks to a vigilant grandmother. Police said she reported her grandson and his friend's alleged involvement in the violent crime on Thursday in southwest Oklahoma City.

The victim said she wants to thank whoever turned the suspects over to the law. She was sure they would have gotten away with the robbery had someone not come forward to report them.

The 50-year-old victim called 911 after the frightening experience.

Caller: “I was just about to get me something to eat at the dollar store and these kids jumped me.”

The woman was leaving the Family Dollar store near Southwest 15th and Pennsylvania Avenue when a 14-year-old approached her and asked for money. That was when his friends came up behind her.

“The next thing I know I get hit in the back of my head,” said the victim. “And I hit the ground and they start kicking and hitting me.”

She knew the teenagers were trying to rob her and take her truck, so she threw her keys.

“One kid kept hollering ‘Get her keys,’ ‘Get her keys,’ ‘Get her keys,” said the victim. “I got in my truck so they couldn’t get my truck.”

She locked the door and called for help. The victim said the attackers ran away with all of her keys.

A short time later, police were called to an apartment complex near Southwest 17th Street and Pettee Avenue where a grandmother reported overhearing her 14-year-old grandson talk about attacking a woman and taking her keys.

Officers were led to another home only blocks from the dollar store where they found the suspects. 

“Officers took them into custody and booked both 14-year-olds into the Berry House on the robbery charges,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department.

The victim is now too afraid to go back to the store and wondered why they targeted her.

“What possesses them to do stuff like this?” said the victim. “They could see I was injured and hurting.”

She said there was a teenage girl with them but said the girl stood back while the boys attacked her.