Edmond Police Release 911 Calls Made After Deadly Shooting In Restaurant Parking Lot

Friday, June 19th 2020, 5:49 pm

EDMOND, Okla. -

Department officials identified Brooklyn Hampton, 23, as the murder victim. She was found unresponsive in the McDonald’s parking lot near west 15th street and Santa Fe. A suspect has not been identified or arrested.

Several people witnessed the shooting and called 911. One caller said the violence played out while he sat in the drive-through line.

“I saw a guy pull a gun and start popping rounds at the McDonald’s parking lot,” a 911 caller said.

He called for help after leaving the scene but described to the dispatcher what he witnessed.

“I’m with my little brother and put my truck in reverse and got us the hell out of there,” the 911 caller said.

“Ok, so you saw a subject pull a gun and start shooting but you don’t know if he was standing outside a car or was in a car?” the 911 dispatcher said.

“Ma’am,” the 911 caller said. “It looked like he was outside of the car.”

The caller explained seeing Hampton drive into the back of the suspect's car and then heard gunshots. A drive-thru employee also called 911 after hearing gunfire.

“There’s been 10 shots fired in my parking lot out here by the drive through and there’s a car still there,” the drive-thru employee said.

When officers arrived on the scene Wednesday night, they found Hampton on the ground near a gray Toyota Camry. She was unresponsive with multiple gunshot injuries to her upper body.

“Is she laying on the ground?” a 911 dispatcher asked.

“Yes,” the employee said.

"There might be somebody laying on the ground at McDonald’s and she might be shot,” a dispatcher responded.

Officers started CPR on Hampton after they could not find a pulse. She was rushed to the hospital but did not survive.

Police are now looking for the gunman who witnesses saw drive away from the scene.

Anyone with information about the deadly shooting is asked to call the Edmond Police Department.